Best Pillow For Side Sleeper

Best Pillow for Side Sleeper

There are many different sleeping positions you can assume. And while styles vary from every individual, side sleeping is the most common among people. The position comes with a number of benefits, both health and physical advantages. However, if you want enjoying this style, you are going to need the best pillows for a side sleeper.

This kind of pillow provides your neck and spine with the perfect alignment which is important for your health. As it’s the norm, you need matching your pillow with a great bedding system plus a really first-class mattress. Finding the right fit for comfortable head and neck support could be the next hurdle. Here, you ought getting into the Knitty gritty details of the different kinds on the market.

By considering these features that make the pillows suitable or not, your expectations are accordingly met. You will not rely on the basic pillows if you are a side sleeper. This is because they cannot give you the kind of comfort and the much-needed relaxation you want. If you are looking for the best pillows, you are in the right place. We have compiled this guide with awesome recommendations. Go through them and see what is best for your needs. It’s already 2019, and having an affordable side sleeper pillow is a must have.


Best Pillow Positions for Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, know exactly where placing your pillow during sleep. Remember this is the style you like and therefore you need to be really comfortable. Placing a pillow in the right position eliminates any potential risks of developing body pains especially the back and neck. Here are the different pillow positions for you:  

  • Put the Pillow Under Head

As usual, putting a pillow under the head provides your head and neck the support they need. This is important in relieving stress from the head and neck. When you wake up in the morning or whenever you will feel relaxed rather than tired.  

  • Put the Pillow Under Neck

Place a pillow right under your neck and enjoy your sleep without a fuss. Your neck’s supported maximumly and even your back is stabilized. So, if you are looking for improving your body posture, use a neck pillow. Gone will be pains in the neck, back, shoulders and head.  

  • Place the Pillow Between Waist and Mattress

If you’re a side sleeper you need to place a pillow in the space created between your waist and the mattress. This is going to be helpful in offering the back and spine proper alignment. Hence, you will not feel tired or strained.  

  • Put the Pillow Behind Your Back

This provides support on your back so that you don’t roll over during sleep.  

  • Put the Pillow Between the Knees

If you use a pillow between your knees, your hips are relieved of pressure or stress. Besides, you don’t want your knees be sliding against each other – it can be irritating sometimes. But you need a thin and special pillow design to take care of this. 


Different Types of Side Sleeper Pillows

When looking for the best types of side sleeper pillows, examine the kind of materials used in making them. Here are the types based on materials:  

1. Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows for sleeping are just awesome. They do not flatten and regain their original shape quite fast. Your body will be taken proper care of. The pillow conforms your body shape every time you move. Memory foam is also extra-firm and solid and provides the needed ventilation through shafts so that your body does not heat up.  

2. Water-Fill Pillows

These side sleeper pillows are made with a fillable inner core. The chambers are filled with water providing the kind of conformity necessary for your body. Just take care of the heat conduction quality of water. Now sooner your pillow would be getting warm because of your body temperature.  

3. Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat filling is another side pillow which works as the water-filled types. The pillow is usually filled with tiny grains providing extra-conformity to the body while sleeping and turning. The surface of buckwheat pillows is fluid and can, therefore, assume the posture of your body. Contrary on the water-filled, these pillows are going to release heat generated by the body.  

4. Gel-Fill Pillows

Your side sleeper pillow could come with micro-fibers of memory foam filled in it. These do even better than the shredded foam as far as providing ultimate conformity is concerned. Usually cleaning them is easy and they’ll provide your neck and back the maximum support they need. These pillows can be soft for some sleepers.  

5. Latex Pillows

Without a doubt, latex is one of the most stable material used in pillow making. While they offer conformity, these pillows do not flatten – and they are good at this. So if you are a consistent side sleeper, you need to find one of these very soon.  

6. Cotton Pillows

These are made out of cotton. As far as supporting the sleeper is concerned, they are the least option. They do not retain their original shape. Therefore, if you are planning using them for your own reasons, make sure that you combine them with other stable pillows. 


This is Why You Need the Best Side Sleeper Pillow

  • For Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

For side sleepers, sleeping on the side can help a lot in alleviating neck, back, and shoulder stress. The side sleeper pillows have been designed for eliminating this pain. They enhance the spinal alignment by providing extended support and relief of pressure points. The pressure that is developed between your body and the mattress is effectively removed. If you had stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles, these are as well lessened.  

  • For Proper Spinal Alignment

In looking for the best side sleeper pillows, just do not forget that the spine and neck are the vital parts you will be protecting. A proper side sleeper pillow gives you that healthy, natural alignment of the spine. With a balanced spinal alignment, you can say bye to any form of body pain in the back, neck, head, shoulder, hips etc.  

  • For Alleviation of Snoring Problem

You know what snoring can be at night. A hell of chaos! But good news regarding the use of side sleeper pillows is that this problem is eliminated somehow. Snoring as a result of blocked windpipe because of the misaligned posture of the spine and neck. The right side pillow for sleeping ensures that your throat gets a natural curvature that allows for normal airflow. Hence, you will reduce the problem of snoring.


What to Look for When Buying A Pillow for Side Sleeper

Before you buy the side sleeper pillow, you will need considering a few things. These are important in helping you get the right fit. Let us look at them right next.  


Different materials are used when stuffing the pillows. Depending on whether you want support or comfort, there are just the right materials you can choose from. For example, you can decide going for latex for its firmness and support or memory foam for great conformity. The out covers should be hypoallergenic, dust and mold-resistant. They shouldn’t cause irritation on the skin and you should be able to wash them.  


On average, the height of a pillow should be about 4-6 inches. This, however, depends on the height of your frame. If you get adjustable pillows, especially those filled with shredded foam, you can always reduce the filling until the level comfortable to your firmness and height. You can consider going for customized pillows to take care of your height.  


If you want a perfectly shaped pillow during the sleep, memory foam is a solid option you can go for. But in case you wish having a side pillow that can assume your shape as you move and turn, then you will be looking at the shredded memory foam, gel-fill, water or buckwheat filled pillows.  

The Person Using the Pillow

The person using the side pillow has their own personal preferences and requirements. Look for the design that will surely address your issues at hand. The pregnant woman needs getting a full-body pillow that provides support for the whole body. Regular side sleepers may not necessarily need the full body type.

Latex pillow would be great for the guys who want luxury in sleep. While the regular memory-foam pillow for side sleepers are going to be the best fit if you like contouring.  


Look for the type of best pillows that will stay for long without flattening out fast. With down/feather pillows, you can be sure the product will not last. So you need to take into perspective whether the materials used making the pillow are going to serve you for long or not. Latex types last longer and shredded memory foam pillows do not easily squash.  


You can all it thickness. Just like mattresses, the loft of your pillow is very important if you must have a comfortable night’s sleep. There are three categories you want to look at: low-loft pillows which measure less than 3 inches thick, medium-loft (3-5 inches thick), and high-loft (more than 5 inches).

Definitely, you are going to consider looking at the medium and high-loft pillows. Which usually helps reducing the gap between the sleeper’s head or neck and the pillow. If you use low-loft pillows, you are likely going to have neck pain.  


When shopping for best pillows, you must factor in the aspect of price. The price of a latex pillow is not the same as for another type of material. Therefore, the pillows vary in prices depending on the materials used making them. You will need going for the ones within your budget plan. Don’t shop outside your budget. But, generally, get a product that will meet your needs quite perfectly. 


Top 8 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

After doing thorough research on the different brands in the market, we came up with a list of eight best pillows for side-sleepers. We based the search on features such as support, comfort, price etc. You can be sure that these varieties would give you the best results you are expecting from their therapy. Here are the best pillows for side sleepers:  

1. Sweetnight Pillows for Sleeping

While Sweetnight Side Pillows comes with a simple design, it’s the best kind of pillow you want to have on your bed always. It can be found in a variety of sizes. It’s soft but very strong and stable to offer you the maximum support. The core’s stuffed with shredded gel memory foam that gives the support and loft.

So if you have pains in the neck, back, shoulder, this is the best pillows for you must not miss. It provides you with the ultimate comfort that you have been looking for. The pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The materials used to make it are not harmful to your skin and general health.

They don’t come with heavy metals, for instance, mercury, formaldehyde. Instead, if there are any allergens or bacteria build-up, the pillows help to fight them off. For pregnant mothers, you can be dead sure that your health and safety is optimally guaranteed.

This cushion also offers you the chance to customize its height to a level or loft you will be comfortable while lying. You just need to remove or perhaps add more foam stuffing until you feel it’s okay for you. The pillow enhances your body posture through its ergonomic, high-density memory foam stuffing.

Caring for this pad is not hard. The cover is machine-washable or even hand-washed. Therefore no panic for you since the pillow will not become lumpy or go flat: and it remains firm and yet fluffy. And in case you find it not the right fit, just return – it is a money-back guarantee.

2. Cervical Pillow Contour by Coisum

Coisum Cervical side pillow is a best, high-quality memory foam that would offer you natural relief to spinal, back and neck pains. It is filled with the memory foam materials that do not keep the temperatures high hence giving you a cool sleep. The memory foam is moderately hard and therefore can conform to the shape of your head and neck with ease.

This pillow also has lower recesses on either side. Due to this, you cannot fall off. It has a central cavity which conforms to the neck contour hence providing your spine with the much-needed alignment. You can rest your upper arm on the cutouts on the side of the pillow. This is a hypoallergenic pillowcase – it’s well aerated to cool your body and also minimizes the wrinkles due to the pressure that comes with side sleeping.

The pillowcase is removable, washable and it’s dust and mite resistant. You can use a machine for washing but handwashing is highly recommended for durability. The pillow could be a great gift for the elderly, students, office workers, and snorers. It will significantly improve the quality of sleep of these people.

For optimal sleep and better functioning, the pillow needs to be soft. It can only turn in the softness at a temperature of 70 degrees Fanhareits.  To avoid destroying the structure of the memory foam, you will avoid exposing the pillows in the sun – it can as well compromise with its hardness.

3. UTTU Sandwich Pillow

This is the best side sleeper pillows for you, eliminating back, neck and shoulder pains in your body by getting the UTTU Sandwich. And you are going to sleep comfortably without necessarily having to dig deep in the pocket. The side sleeper pillows are the best if your bedding system and mattress seem not to be responding to your body troubles accordingly.

With the well engineered, adjustable- height design, anyone’s going to fit here no matter their sizes. You just need to adjust the loft by removing or adding necessary stuffing materials. It consists of 100% dynamic foam. The design comes with a 5-year warranty when you purchase it.

This is an excellent period of time in case something goes wrong or the product doesn’t work as expected very soon. Thus, there’s no hassle for replacement of the same. When it comes to washing the side sleeper pillow, the process becomes extremely easy. It has a removable cover or case that you can wash in a machine or just with hands.

Again, the pillow’s hypoallergenic; so it takes care of your sleep that you will not have to be sniffing or sneezing because of some substances on the bed. It’s well aerated to ensure that you feel refreshed all times you sleep. It’s soft but at the same time keeps stable while contouring to your body. Uttu Sandwich comes at a very affordable price when you compare with similar products prices. Yet it does not compromise the quality.

4. Brookstone BioSense 2-in-1 Shoulder Pillow

Brookstone has done some great job in the design of this side sleeper pillow. It’s made to be soft and lightweight (of the cover is soft to ensure that you are comfortable as you lay on it). The side sleeper pillow comes stuffed with high-quality memory foam that is well perforated to allow for cooling as you sleep. This, however, will not affect the support and stability being offered by the side sleeper pillow.

This pillow is going to conform to your head and neck – the reason why its core’s filled with the lightweight BioSense memory foam. And as you change into different positions, the pad resets itself to fit the new shape the whole night! The result’s a comfortable night’s sleep or rest; relieving you from the potential pain of the neck and head.

At the same time, the slight odors coming from the pillows are neutralized by the three natural ingredients of tea, charcoal and seed oil that are usually incorporated in the design. Its cover’s made of microfiber: it can be removed for cleaning using a washing machine or hand wash.

Therefore you will be having a hypoallergenic product that keeps you and your skin healthy and free from the harmful and allergy-causing substances. Get the ultimate comfort and support from this side sleeper pillow as you enjoy the side cutouts for resting your arms as you sleep on the side.

5. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a special fully customizable side sleeper pillow that has the features to provide one with maximum support and comfort while lying on it. It fits any style you want. Whether you want your sleep to be experienced on a really soft surface or a pillow with some hardness to it, get this side sleeper pillow.

The personalization features make the Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow stand out in solving a variety of needs. The pillow’s built with eco-friendly bio green and Certipur-US certified foams which are made from hypoallergenic and toxic-free materials. This means that the fear of harmful substances is not there; no additives from harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Thus, Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow ensures a healthy sleep and lifestyle for you and even the environment. One beauty of this pillow is that it uses shredded memory foam in its core. The foam’s not immovable like it’s for many other pillows. The shredded foam’s fluffy and yet it can still provide the maximum support and brace for your head and neck.

If you want to get assured of the quality of this product, look at its 20-year warranty! This is also accompanied by a sleep trial period so that you buy something you have full confidence in. The pillowcase’s machine washable but handwashing is better for prolonging its life. Thus, you can always keep this pillow clean. Just in case you are finding using the Snuggle-Pedic product a little difficult, they have an excellent customer care team you can reach to.

6. Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow

This anti-snore cervical support side sleeper pillow is what you need for full support and comfort of your neck and head. It’s fully adjustable and comes highly recommended by the doctors. It has a gusseted edge shape that offers a lot of support for the side sleepers and also back support.

You will easily change from position to another without falling off. Thus, you will definitely have a restful sleep. This is a high-quality pillow made from 100% natural materials. These include the hypoallergenic cotton fabric and revolutionary micro-fiber support filling in the core.

They are well perforated hence great aeration. Which enhance cool, comfortable support for your back, neck, and shoulder while you are sleeping. It has a dual zipper design which makes access to the cover easy. This becomes useful when you want to clean your pillowcase. If you want a certain firmness to your pillow, you can add or remove the filling to the level you find comfortably fitting.

Nature’s Guest’s great for cervical support and in case you find it not satisfying, there’s a 30 days’ money-back guarantee you can take advantage of. You will get a full refund for the same without being irritated with so many questions. Therefore, do not look further than this pillow if you want a firm, two-level cervical spine fusion, neck pain relieving product with undoubted quality.

7. DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow

DreamNorth’s makes pillow for side sleepers who want to enjoy a long night characterized with a balance in the comfort and firmness/support. This is the ultimate thing you need. This side sleeper pillow is filled with poly-gel fiber that can conform to any sleeping shape. And the cover’s designed using cotton materials that are soft to the head and neck. This ensures that the pillow is breathable, soft and dry.

You can clean the cotton pillowcase by either machine washing or hand washing but practice handwashing most of the times to have an extended period of use. This makes it fresh for using again. The users who have breathing conditions or other health disorders can use this pillow perfectly. Because the materials are hypoallergenic; they come free of harmful substances such as chemicals and heavy metals and allergens.

The side sleeper pillow comes with stain resistant properties such as dust mite, mold and mildew resistance. Which of course, is a symbol of its longevity. So the design offers you the plush, stylish comfort and luxury as you sleep through the night. This pillow has a one-year guaranteed warranty just in the event that your pillow comes with the manufacturer’s defects.

8. Cushy Form Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

The Cushy Form Knee Side Sleeper Pillow comes with an excellent, unique, contoured design that provides you with a secure place to lay your head and neck. This is the kind of side sleeper pillow that gives you everything you want to rest in comfort and pain-free circumstances. The construction of this sleeper pillow has memory foam filled in its core for firmness and high-quality support that would give you relief from different forms of aches and pains.

Sleeping comfortable means that you will wake up a rejuvenated figure the next day ready to take the day with power. Cushy Form is recommended by different top medical professionals. The trust in this side sleeper pillow design by the consumer community’s just huge. The memory foam’s contoured, responsive and visco-elastic and also maintains its firmness.

This is an indication that it won’t get flat quickly after just a short time. But rather, it’s there to stay longer than you expect. If you are a pregnant mother, ensure you get this pillow for side sleeper. It relieves the uncomfortable bone and joint compression stress while you sleep. Through improving your hip and spinal alignment, Cushy Form’s knee pillow makes life easier during your pregnancy.

You can enjoy your sleep in almost any position with this ergonomic pillow. It has great stability and support for the neck and head. When it comes to cleaning, the pillowcase’s removable (as the pillow has a zippered pillowcase) and can either be hand-washed or machine-washed to keep it fresh always.

A travel case has been included in the package so that you will be able to use the side sleeper pillow anywhere you are. You don’t need to sacrifice sleeping restlessly on your travel days. This good pillow has a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are discontented with it.  

Conclusion – Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

When looking for the best pillows for a side sleeper, you will need to be keen to land something of value. The last thing you want to happen is to get what you didn’t want. Therefore, the key things you need to consider while searching must be taken into account. They are clearly highlighted in here. Out of the eight popular different kinds of sleeper pillow recommended in the guide, you should be able to get what suits your needs and to provide the comfort you need – we are pretty sure about that.