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If you have ever experienced neck pain, then you probably know how devastating it can be. You might have thought that this was due to the mattress you were using or even due to certain sickness but a wrong pillow could cause you lots of physical discomfort including neck pain. Being in such pain and discomfort would seriously interfere with your sleep. And it can lead to more health problems. We know this and that is why we created this post in order to provide you with step by step guide on the Best Pillow For Neck Pain Quick Navigation with some of the best ones you can find on the market.

With that said, you need to get the best pillow for neck pain that alleviates the neck problems and supports the overall spinal alignment. The vulnerable neck is well aligned with your head and back which is very key in the prevention of injury, stiffness, and pain. This helps you to have a peaceful night as you sleep.

Therefore, if you are having issues with your neck or shoulder, you need to consider looking at our recommended pillows to help you remove the pains or stresses. They will provide you with the spinal support and ensure that you have no more of the neck pains. It will also help you in making sure you sleep well and improve the overall condition of your health. Scroll down for more detailed information.


Causes of Neck Pain

You may not be aware of this, but neck pain is one of the most common medical conditions around the globe as of today. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing neck problems. Among these things is poor neck support that comes while sleeping and stooping over the computer for too long among other instances may increase your chances of having neck pain.

Serious causes such as accidents can damage your vertebrae and even cause inflammation as well. Other causes include some common infections of the neck resulting from disease attacks such as tuberculosis and meningitis etc. Irrespective of the causes, neck pain can be managed by acquiring the correct pillow specific to the problems. This is how you will start your healing process as you sleep through the night.


Types of Pillows for Neck Pain

The type of pillow for neck pain is determined by the kind of material used to make it. Here are the different neck pillow types:


  1. Memory Foam Pillows

This type of pillow comes with great support and they are known to be soft. With the memory foam pillows, you will only need to do little maintenance on them. They contour to the head and conform perfectly to the neck relieving immense pressure from the person. If you are a side or back sleeper, these pillows would be the best for you since they provide maximum support in these positions compared to other positions of sleeping.

These pillows for neck pain could, however, produce some slight odor; and the firmness they come with can be quite higher than what some users may need or prefer.

  1. Latex Pillows

When it comes to latex, you are made to imagine the relative softness, luxury, and comfort that this material offers. This is one of the best pillows you want to have for neck pain relief. This pillow doesn’t slide or form clumps. It is relatively firmer than the memory foam but offers a great option for those guys who are fond of sleeping on their sides. Without a doubt, it gives you the much-needed support for the neck and spine.

The latex pillows for neck pain are resistant to mildew and microbes, require minimum maintenance, and are quiet while they provide you with the needed support for pain relief.


  1. Feather Pillows

These are pillows for neck pain with a natural stuffing of feathers. They could be geese and duck feathers. They provide great conformity to your head and neck while being firm, soft and malleable. The great thing about them is that they are affordable and you will be able to get them quite easily. They have been in the sleep industry for years and are not passing with time.

With a lifespan of 25 percent more than the average pillow, you’d agree that feather pillows have the quality to keep long as they are durable. You should not expect much support from the pillow. There’s also a potential of dust mite attack, some noise, and odor.


  1. Buckwheat Pillows

The buckwheat pillows for neck pain come as some of the best in the industry. They are filled with buckwheat hulls that make the pillows gain a great firmness and flexibility. Actually, the pillows are covered with cotton cases – hence, they are eco-friendly when it comes to environmental stewardship. When you sleep in these pillows, they easily contour and conform to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders.

This is important for aligning the spine and removing any pressure spots in its structure. You can adjust the loft and size of your neck pillow quite simply – just add or remove the buckwheat hulls. If you like consistent aeration as you sleep (who doesn’t want this by the way), you can definitely get this type which comes with good airflow in its structure.


  1. Polyester Pillows

The polyester pillows utilize hypoallergenic polyester fibers as stuffing into the pillow. Unlike the feathers or buckwheat, polyester is a synthetic fabric that is made to simulate how cotton pillows work – they are soft, cool due to the proper aeration of the fabric and also are breathable. Their prices on the market are some of the least, therefore you will not have to spend a lot to get these pillows. These pillows can be washed in the machine, are moderately lightweight and emit a slight odor. However, they could noisy and develop lumps which are not a good thing for the sleeper.


  1. Down Pillows

These pillows use the soft-looking feathers found under the tough exterior ones of the bird (geese or duck). Usually, the down pillows are plushy, warm and have a desirable quietness as you sleep on them. They are also lightweight. These pillows are durable – they can last you even up to 8 or 10 years and offer the level of comfort needed to satisfy your needs. You need to know that the pillow requires frequent shaking and fluffing in order to ensure that they regain the shape when they lose it. They are expensive and come with a lower loft compared to others.


  1. Microbeads Pillows

With these pillows, Styrofoam, a polystyrene foam that comes lightweight, is stuffed in the microbeads pillows. The pillows produce great therapeutic results when you sleep in them. They will help in keeping your spine in the proper balance while alleviating pain and stress in the neck and shoulder. Generally, the microbeads pillows don’t overheat as they have good airflow channels for easy movement of air. The stuffing is mostly covered by an elastic and soft fabric pillowcase


  1. Water Pillows

The best water pillows would provide you with a great full night’s sleep. They come with chambers or pockets which are water-filled. Using these types of pillows allows you to effortlessly adjust the firmness to fit your daily needs. You can be guaranteed that the pillows will provide you with the comfort you’ve been looking for – the three settings of a firm, medium and soft can help you determine your comfort level.

Sleeping on this easy-contouring pillows will improve your posture, remove pains and aches in the neck, back, and other sensitive areas. You will like these pillows because they don’t have the problem of compressing in the area of placing your head.


Benefits of Buying a Pillow for Neck Pain


Spinal Alignment

The best neck pillow for neck pain certainly is going to be useful in reducing neck and back pains. Poor spinal alignment is the major cause of such pains. And it is these pillows that are designed to specifically handle any spinal misalignments. They do this by providing your neck and back with the correct support and comfort they need. A properly positioned spine is an assurance that you will not experience the pains and aches of the sensitive neck and back.


Quality Sleep

Every person wants only the best sleep. This is exactly what you get when you buy a neck pillow. Many of them contour or conform to the shape of your head and neck hence there is no need of making adjustments to them. Yet, you will get the much-needed comfort for a prolonged period of time thus, letting you have several hours of undisturbed sleep. Whatever your sleep positions are, may it be you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or even for pillows for neck support. You wake up in the morning refreshed and not tired.


Support And Comport

This is one of the primary reasons why you decided to buy a neck pillow in the first place. These best pillows provide you with the required support for the neck, head, and back. Your cervical curvature is well and correctly taken care of. This leads to the reduction of neck and back pain and in the process promoting a good overall body posture. This will also enable you to enjoy more comfort and develop your overall sleeping experience.


Other Benefits

These best pillows for neck pain can also be important when you have serious snoring problems as they reduce the snoring. Other health conditions reduced include insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep disturbances, and breathing issues. Acid peptic ulcers, joint pains among other conditions are also reduced by certain pillows.


How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

If you want to get the right pillow for neck pain, you will need to put in some effort to get the very best. Keep in mind that your main goal is to reduce neck pain and have a good night’s sleep. Consequently, you are going to need only high-quality pillows. For this reason, there are a few considerations you must have at your fingertips to help you get what fits your sleep needs. Let’s have a close look at these things.


  1. Material

The kind of materials used for stuffing the neck pillow is key in determining the quality of the neck pillow you are settling on. When you buy the memory foam stuffed pillow, you are getting firmer support for the neck compared to the other materials like feathers, or gel and polyester. Washable materials like the polyester and shredded memory foam can be tossed in a washing machine.

The buckwheat hull can be cooler because they are well aerated. Latex is natural, softer and easily compressed than memory foam. But be careful not to pick latex or down pillows if you are very susceptible to allergies. If you go for cotton pillows, washing them is the easiest thing. However, you can’t have them around for long as they wear out quite fast.


  1. Pillow Cover

Some pillows come with removable pillowcases, but others don’t. You should look for the pillowcase that brings comfort and protects you against the irritating microbes and dust mites. Cleaning the pillows with removable covers is easier than cleaning the ones without. Hence maintaining hygiene is quite easy.


  1. Comfort

The type of filling found in the pillow determines if you will be comfortable sleeping in it or not. You could get comfortable in the memory foam than the gel material filling. Ensure that you get the right cover that has a soft touch on your body as you sleep.


  1. Your Sleeping Position

Your choice of a pillow for neck pain should also be guided by which style of sleeping you take. You want to go for the thin, responsive options if you are a back and stomach sleeper. For side sleepers, you will need to determine if the loft of your pillow can fit your size so that you have enough height to rest your head.


  1. Size

You should note the different sizes of neck pillows on the market depending on the needs you have. The key point is to select the correct size that will meet your sleeping needs. The small-sized pillows are usually made to be used while you are sitting upright.


Top 6 Pillows for Neck Pain

We have assessed a number of pillows for neck pain that you can probably find them quite useful. They have been reviewed really well to give you the kind of information you might need when making a decision to buy some for yourself or your family. You can be guaranteed that these pillows highlighted here come with great comfort and pain relief for your wellness. In other words, they are some of the best pillows for neck pain.


Mediflow Water Pillow

Mediflow Water Pillow Image


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Best Pillow For Neck Pain

This water pillow by Mediflow has great sleep quality and comfort that you need on your bed. It provides you with maximum support for the head and neck. The Mediflow design includes the finest materials which account for the high quality make this pillow comes with. The water-based technology used in this pillow makes it really easy to conform to the shape of your head and neck. These best pillows also have great responsive qualities while providing you with the ultimate support you need when sleeping. The pillow is popular and has received favorable reviews and ratings from users. If you are searching for one of the best pillows for neck pain on the market you will definitely like this one.

The working mechanism of the Mediflow water pillow has been scientifically proven through rigorous clinical tests at the Johns Hopkins school of medicine. The technology has therefore been found to be very effective in providing quality sleep and reducing neck pain. So you can trust this technology. This is because the Mediflow model is designed to have two layers – bottom and top layer – the bottom being a water layer and the top being super soft for your head and neck to have a comfortable rest. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ll change sleeping positions, the highly responsive water support is there all night long to make things rosy for you and eliminate pain.

The Mediflow water pillow allows you to adjust the firmness to the level comfortable to you. This can be done by removing or adding more water to the perfect level of support. Which could be either soft, medium or firm. In fact, as you turn, the waterbased adjusts automatically without you necessarily waking up. With all that said, this water pillow has been specially recommended by many customers who have used it.

The design of this pillow includes a water pouch that is well sealed and insulated. Its top is covered with Dacron Hollofil fiber coating. Then a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell encloses everything to offer you the comfort you want for the head for a quick sleep. This pillow, the Mediflow water pillow has a warranty of 3 years and you can return it within 30 days when you feel not satisfied entirely with it.

However, the pillow is lightweight and portable as it only measures about 1.9 pounds and has a dimension of approximately 28 x 20 x 4.5 inches. Most users of the product are satisfied with their experience. Others claimed that the pillow for neck pain offers good value for money. Even with this, a few other users complained that the product grows a visible mold. Also, others stated that the pillow do not help with neck pain as claimed by the maker but intensifies the pains.


Perform Pillow Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Perform Pillow Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow Image


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This pillow is ideal for you if your neck issues seem to be persisting or you have back problems. It is designed for the specific people with the said problems as it gives them maximum support and protection during sleeping. This neck pillow easily contours to the head and neck giving the user the comfort he or she desires while keeping the neck and spine correctly aligned throughout the night. Perform pillow doesn’t form lumps or warp; it is made with special density foam which comes with high-quality and therefore the pillow will retain its original shape quite easily over an extended period of time.  With this product, you will not face any issue considering it is made from top quality material that is safe for your health.

This pillow features a breathable bamboo cover that basically allows for uninterrupted airflow. This makes your rest cool and allergy-free. You don’t need to be worried about the hygiene of your pillow as it is enclosed in a removable pillowcase. Hence, when it comes to cleaning it, you have a really easy time – just place the cover into a washing machine for a quick wash. Also, the bamboo-based cover is made of 56% polyester and 43% bamboo which forms an incredible fabric that is smooth to the touch and is indeed cool due to the micro-vents.

The cover of this memory foam pillow is appealing to the eye and doesn’t produce a bad smell. You will not find problems with a bacterial infection or dust mites because it’s hypoallergenic. Moreover, the Perform pillow comes in three different sizes: medium, thin and thick. While these forms don’t bear extra prices, they give you the best-specialized solutions to the different neck and back problems you have. Having been designed and tested by a 20-year experience chiropractor is testament enough that its quality is undoubted. This hypoallergenic memory foam pillow is durable given the high-quality materials used to make it. You can definitely use this pillow irrespective of what type of sleeper you are.

Besides that, the Perform Pillow Medium is lightweight and portable as it weighs only 2 pounds and is measured about 19 x 15 x 4 inches. According to most users, the product offers good value for money. Also, others seem to like that the product did a great job of reducing their neck pain. Nonetheless, a few other users state that the pillow does not works as claimed by the manufacturer.


Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow

Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow Image


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Nature’s Guest pillow is exactly what you need to improve your cervical health – including your back and neck pains. It is recommended by both the orthopedic and chiropractic doctors as one of the best pillows for optimal cervical support. With the gusseted edge shape, you can be sure that there is enough support and protection, whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper or you change positions every other time in the night. The product is popular among many people and has received favorable reviews and ratings from users.

The better part of this pillow is that you will be able to customize the filling to your comfortable level of firmness. It is fully adjustable for any sleeping need you’ve got. This is made possible by the dual zipper design that offers you access to change the pillow filling. You can do this by simply adding or removing more filling from the pillow.

Nature’s Guest pillow comes crafted with premium cotton fabric cover: and the microfiber stuffing has air vents that allow for proper air circulation that helps to keep your body cool as you enjoy a restful sleep. On the other hand, the high-quality hypoallergenic materials used to make this pillow are resistant to infections and dust mites, and they do not release odors. Hence, you don’t need to get worried about allergies at all. The dense, heavier filling in this pillow gives the user that extra support they need while helping to relieve your neck and back pains.

The 30-day return policy in case you express dissatisfaction in this hypoallergenic product is there to ensure that you don’t keep something that you don’t like. You will also be refunded fully without many questions. For maximum comfort and support of your neck and back, get this high-quality pillow and you will have a restful night.

The product is lightweight and portable as it only measures about 4.2 pounds and has a dimension of around 18.5 x 9.5 x 7.2 inches. However, most users are satisfied with the product’s overall performance. Nevertheless, a few users claimed that the product is poorly made others complained that they felt neck pain in the morning after sleeping on the pillow.


Coisum Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Coisum Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Image


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The more firm 24.4 x 15 x 4.7 inches is a memory foam pillow perfect for you if you have a medium to a large body frame. The design is moderately hard to provide enough support and comfort to your neck and head while contouring to your body very easily. And whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, the height of this pillow is just great for you no matter your sleeping position.

This Cervical Pillow comes with a special design based on the human body: this pillow absorbs the cervical curvature quite comfortably. The two edges along the pillow ensure that the sleeper is provided with optimal protection and support; they will not fall off while they turn in their sleep. You can, of course, rest your top arm on the cut-outs found on the shorter edges of the pillow for maximum relaxation. The central cavity ensures that your neck and head are properly contoured. This is key in keeping your spine in the natural alignment.

The ergonomic pillow cover showcases great aesthetics and at the same time, it’s very breathable. It comes with hypoallergenic properties that will help neutralize allergens, including protection from attacks by dust mites. The pillow is as well built to allow for free airflow within its fabric which cools the user when sleeping on it. What is more to this cover is that it will reduce the wrinkles brought about by the pressure built due to side sleeping. It is removable and can be washed in a machine for easy cleaning although the manufacturer recommends hand washing in warm soapy water to prolong its life.

So if you are looking for a pillow to eliminate neck and shoulder pain, this one will do. This pillow also helps to alleviate stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles to avoid numbness or tingling sensation. You want to remain totally comfortable as you sleep without tossing and turning. Finally, this pillow is certified by CertiPUR-US to ensure that it doesn’t carry any toxic or heavy metals with it.


UTTU Sandwich Pillow

UTTU Sandwich Pillow Image


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The UTTU Sandwich pillow is an awesome orthopedic contour pillow made from the best quality memory foam material. It offers the sleeper absolute comfort and support while it’s able to be adjusted to fit the sleeping preferences you have for the night – do not worry about its configuration. The design comes with 100% dynamic foam which cannot get hard in cold weather and yet it remains reasonably firm all the year round. This ensures that the comfortable feel is never lost.

Looking at the pillow cover, a bamboo-crafted covering with a good percentage of polyester is highly hypoallergenic against all kinds of allergens that could come your way during sleeping. The cover also keeps away the irritating dust mites for a restful night’s sleep. When it comes to breathability, this sleeping accessory has a high network of air spaces to allow free airflow for cooling your body. The cover is smooth and as you sleep, the pillow’s supportive and responsive abilities ensure that your head and neck are perfectly conformed to it.

You can imagine that by just using this therapeutic pillow, you stand to have your neck, back and shoulder pains alleviated and your spine well balanced to its natural position. The adjustable-height design feature is quite original and makes the UTTU sandwich pillow one of the best pillow (s) for neck pain in its own right. This feature takes care of all kinds of demanding sleepers so it’s one-size-fits-all “thing”.

This pillow is machine washable. You just need to remove the cover (removable) and wash it in the machine. A very quick process, of course, to get your pillow fresher. Its market price is really something to make you grin – very affordable pillow while it offers you the best support and comfort as your rest inside it. So if you are operating on a strict budget, why not get UTTU sandwich? With a 5-year warranty, you can always have confidence in this pillows for neck. There is definitely no hassle during replacement.


EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Image


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The EPABO Contour memory foam pillow comes with an ergonomic design that fits different kinds of sleepers. The pillow will perfectly contour to your body curvature for enhanced comfort and quality support during sleeping. This makes your neck, head, shoulder and back to be properly aligned so that you are completely relieved from any sort of pain. The quality and amazing benefits of this pillow made it stand out from others. The product is one of the best pillows for neck pain you can find on the market. if you are trouble with uncomfortable sleeping due to a bad pillow you will definitely like this one.

The high-quality breathable memory foam pillows for the neck is hypoallergenic. Therefore you won’t suffer from allergies as this material is free from allergens and it’s also resistant to dust mites. The fabric is a blend of rayon and polyester which offers you a silky soft feel when using it. The fabric is also free from heavy and harmful chemicals that could possibly damage your health. It will keep you cool all night due to the enhanced airflow within the fabric.

With a removable pillowcase, caring for this pillow including cleaning has been made simple. The inner core is protected by a zippered net jacket case. Which you will need to unzip to access the cover for cleaning. It is machine-washable and you can also tumble dry it but at lower settings to maintain comfort. This makes the pillow even easier to use and to serve you for a very long time.

However, the product is lightweight and portable as it weighs only 3.35 and is measured by about 14.6 x 7.2 x 7 inches. Most users who purchase this pillow seem to like it. others claimed that the product is of top quality and it offers great value for money. A few others complained that the pillow does not work for side sleepers.

Bottom Line

With neck or back pain, you are going to stay uncomfortable whether it’s during the day or at night. It is frustrating to be in such circumstances especially when you are supposed to be resting quite comfortably. But that aside. You can prevent all these sufferings by buying the best pillow for neck pain. We have highlighted some of the pillows we found to be the right fit to handle your issues. By choosing one of these, you outrightly guarantee yourself a restful night with full neck and back support. You will be comfortable and ultimately have peace of mind as you sleep.